WHAT: The Single Onion celebrates Black History Month with these great poets and performers: Sue-Shane, Bethel Afework, and Nyabuoy Gatbel. With guest MC Adora Nwofor.

WHEN: Thursday, February 20th, 7pm

WHERE: Shelf Life Books, 100 – 1302 4th St. SW (

About the readers:

Nyabuoy Gatbel is a South Sudanese Canadian currently living in Calgary, AB. She was born in Ethiopia in 1993 and moved to Canada as a refugee in 2002. She’s currently an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary. Besides her studies she’s a social entrepreneur focusing on the ”Paarman Centre project,” a fashion model, writer and author of the book, ”The Fire Within poetry in Thok Nath and English.” She’s interested and passionate about alternative ways to bring about personal, communal and national healing. She understands the importance of a cultural and personal narrative. The narrative about her place of birth and residence have been dominated by one voice in a world full of many diverse voices. She hopes to represent, present and validate this diverse reality through her writings, research and ultimately her life’s work to come. She invites us along on the path to unearthing the realities, complexities and perspectives of a South Sudanese Canadian of African descent.

Sue-Shane is a Zimbabwean YYC-based poet, writer and the creator of Sue’s Stokvel, an online book club. Her work deals with issues of diasporan guilt, blackness, womanhood, and intergenerational trauma. Sue-Shane holds a Bachelors’ Degree in International Relations with a minor in English. Sue-Shane previously worked in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary researching refugee resilience. This combination of personal experiences and education has inspired a long, difficult but rewarding exploration of the possibility of healing through literature.

Accessibility: Shelf Life is on the 3 and 17 bus routes, near the 90, and a 10 minute walk from the 4th Street SW train stop downtown. Street parking is free after 6 pm. Our store is ground level, with no stairs or inclines. Our washrooms are non-gendered, one with wheelchair accessibility, though our doors do not open automatically. Please contact us at 403-265-1033 or with any questions or requests.

The Single Onion takes place the third Thursday of the month, nine times a year. Our event schedule can always be found at:

For the most up-to-date Single Onion news, check us out on Twitter at:

We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The League of Canadian Poets and the Calgary Arts Development


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