WHAT: The Single Onion kicks off its new season with a reading from Cecelia Frey and the launch of A Pebble in My Shoe, an anthology of haiku and tanka poetry.

WHEN: Thursday, September 20, at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Shelf Life Books, 100 – 1302 4th St. SW (

About the readers:

Cecelia Frey, recent recipient of the WGA’s Golden Pen Award, has written sixteen books of short and long fiction and poetry. For many years she worked as editor, teacher, and freelance writer, but she’s quit all that and now focuses on writing. Her last novel, out last spring, is Lovers Fall Back to Earth, and her latest book of poetry, North, from which she’ll be reading at the Single Onion, was published in 2017.

Pat Benedict Campbell is an actor/teacher, a member of Haiku Canada, and the Magpie Haiku & Tanka poets of Alberta. Her poetry is published in many haiku and tanka journals, and in 2012 she won an award from Japan for one of her poems. She is Professor Emeritus from the University of Calgary, where she taught for many years. She received the Harry and Martha Cohen Award for Contribution to Theatre in 2010. As Pat will be unable to join us for the reading, Marylin Potts will read her work on her behalf. 

Liz Gibbs is one of the more recent members of the Magpie Haiku and Tanka Poets in Calgary and of Haiku Canada. She is also a Registered Nurse with forty years of experience and counting! As a fledgling, she enjoys the single creative moment captured in this Japanese style. 

Meghan Jones has written haiku since her teens but took it more seriously after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The deceptively simple and eloquent form became a creative way in which to focus her mind. Meghan has been part of Calgary’s Magpie Haiku and Tanka Group since 2015. She is also a member of Haiku Canada and Tanka Canada. Meghan has been published in Haiku Canada Member’s Anthology (2015, 2016) and in Still Point Arts Quarterly 2016.

Joanne Morcom is a Calgary social worker and poet who has published four poetry collections and contributes to poetry journals and anthologies. She’s a founding member of The Magpie Haiku & Tanka Poets, and a member of Haiku Canada and Tanka Canada. 

Irene Naested, Professor Emeritus, is an author, visual artist, and educator. She has authored numerous books, chapters, journal articles, and teacher resources on teaching and learning. Her poetry and prose have been published in journals such as GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka and Still Point Arts Quarterly. Irene’s visual art and writing become multi-layers of exploration of ideas, insights, meditative moments, principles of composition gleaned from nature. She presently writes, creates, and teaches in her newly developed studio.

Lucille Raizada is a retired French Immersion teacher. She writes haiku and tanka daily. With the help of her daughter Lynn del Castilho, Lucille has published ten haiku chapbooks. Lucille participated in the anthology Weathered Wings, poetry of the Magpie Haiku & Tanka Poets (2012). She is a member of Haiku Canada and Tanka Canada and has published in both. 

An avid journeyer, June Read merges photographs, poetry and prose to create travelogues. A self-confessed eclectic, June’s career path has enabled her to experience varied roles within recreation, educational research, engineering, publishing, recruitment and passenger transportation. 

Mary Vlooswyk’s writing appears in Haiku Canada’s Anthologies, Asahi Shimbun, and Mothers Always Write. Her poem “You Eat Like a Canadian Beaver,” placed third in the Canada 150 Poetry Contest, sponsored by Calgary Spoken Word Society with publication in FreeFall Magazine. She joined Magpie Haiku & Tanka Poets in 2015.

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The League of Canadian Poets and the Calgary Arts Development


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